About Us

A Piece of Us in Your Home

Knots & Twists Decor was inspired by the owner's great cousin and great grandmother. The owner's great cousin taught her how to crochet little decorations when she was 10 years old. Her grandfather told her stories of his mom quilting shirts for memories. Remembering her time as a little girl, she started crocheting again and made blankets for fun. In 2019, she went to work in exploring different material and textures and decided to take her hobby to the next level. She created KTD for her daughter to share in these sweet memories by handing down this skill set to her and her children. As well as a way for her family to contribute to our community in an even bigger way. We are a woman owned company and family ran business that enjoys creating and finding pieces that make homes feel cozy, warm and inviting. Our pieces are hand knitted and hand made as we believe making pieces with our hands permits us to express our individual creativity. We are excited to provide the next unique piece for your unique home!